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On Isla Mujeres, you’ll find 3 major grocery stores! Additionally, there are 2 markets, mini-supers, bakeries, and convenient stores. Find American food products as well as some international brands. Chedraui has the largest alcohol selection! Fresh produce is sold daily at the locally owned fruit and vegetable stands! 


Does your accommodation have a kitchen and you need to order food to cook? Order food and have it delivered to your door through Taste of Isla! See the link at the bottom.


Walmart of Isla Mujeres 

Chedraui - A superstore that has clothing, home items, electronics, food, a pharmacy, pet items, and a bakery! Here you can find all basic cooking necessities, American food brands, and items you may have forgotten to bring for your trip. Located in the middle of the Island across from the baseball fields.


Neighborhood Supermarket 

Super Aki is strictly a grocery store that has 2 locations on the island! There is one in La Gloria (mid island) and another downtown by City Hall. It is a smaller local grocery store, although they do have some American food brands as well.


Mini Market

Dunosusa are mini markets that mostly sell local food products. There are 2 located on the Island. One across from the tennis courts, and another in La Gloria on Avenue Jesus Martinez Ross.


“Farmers Markets” but Isla Style

The market downtown has local vendors that sell fresh produce and meat daily! You can also grab a meal at one of the small eateries too that are all locally owned and run. There is also a market in La Gloria that has some fresh produce, smoothies, and juices!



There are a couple small mini marts that are locally owned. Find basic cooking items, alcohol, and household items at these shops. Ronco’s is across from Mango Cafe! Karenpool is down the road from Casa Crayola!


Fruit & Veggies

Located throughout the Island are several fruit and vegetable stands! They sell fresh produce every day. Explore new fruits that you haven’t tried yet!


Juice Up!

There’s nothing like a fresh squeezed juice drink! Around the Island are juice shops. Orange, pineapple, jamaica, or mango are just some of the delicious flavors you can try. Some of the juice shops even sell ice cream!


When In Mexico… Fresh Tortillas!

If you want to eat like a local, you need to buy freshly pressed tortillas! No, not from a store, from a tortilla shop (tortilleria)! Every morning while everyone is still sleeping, employees begin to hand make the dough for fresh tortillas in time for breakfast. They do this all day until just before dinner time. Hot fresh tortillas are the only way to eat here! Downtown at the market, near Tonicho’s, around the corner from the tennis courts, and the La Gloria Market.



Throughout the island there are many convenient stores. You can find snacks, basic cooking items, water, drinks, cleaning products, and other items. (Also fresh tortillas from the tortillerias!) Some are privately owned, others are chain stores called SIX, OXXO, and 7-Eleven.



All over the island are pharmacies. If you don’t feel well, are thirsty, need baby items, or need to fill a prescription, pharmacies are the place to go! There are pharmacies all throughout downtown, by Chedraui, in La Gloria, and Ampliacion de la Gloria.


Want your accommodation stocked before you arrive with some groceries items? We got you covered.

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