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Origins of Taste

Born in Isla Mujeres in 2018, Taste of Isla originated from the mind of a foodie, who moved to the Mexican Caribbean island after falling in love with the popular vacation destination on a day trip. Taste began as a small website, with the founder’s programming experience, and his considerable “research” of the island’s restaurants and food coming together to provide visitors to Isla Mujeres with the original Taste of Isla website. The original website was based on the island’s restaurants, aiming to take visitors on a journey of taste on Isla Mujeres, connecting people with some top places to eat, and delicious foodie experiences.

Who Are We?

The Taste project has grown from a small independent website providing information about food and restaurants on Isla Mujeres, into a large website on the island, Taste of Isla now has a shop and a team with extensive knowledge of Isla, the food, and restaurants, as well as its other businesses. Taste of Isla has become a top source of island information for visitors, providing a ‘real taste’ of the Isla Mujeres … from food to day trips, and activities to do on the island to the best beach clubs … we have got you covered! Taste of Isla provides all businesses old and new on Isla Mujeres with a platform to show off what they have to offer to guests on the island.


Why Are We Doing This?

The mission of the original site on Isla Mujeres, Taste of Isla, was to provide visitors with a place to enjoy the best foodie experiences during their trip to the island, at both popular restaurants, as well as directing attention to some of the smaller, less known restaurants. At Taste, we pride ourselves in helping smaller, independent businesses, and love watching unique ideas come to life, providing a platform to market local businesses on the island that may not have the time, or resources to market themselves through a website. Since Taste of Isla first began, the original site has grown into an all-rounder, a platform not only showcasing restaurants and local eateries, but also different businesses including bars, boutiques, beach clubs, unique tours, day trips, activities, and more. We have the island’s first online shop, with gorgeous local arts and crafts, and handmade pieces from independent artists, and small businesses, all being showcased from Isla Mujeres to the rest of the world.

Where Are We Going?

The project has grown over the years from a small platform, into a one-stop-shop for vacation planning on the island of Isla Mujeres. The goal is to connect visitors with vendors, providing a space, with insider information, and helping guests to plan their next vacation with confidence. The Taste project is expanding, with sites in other towns and cities in the Yucatan peninsula, allowing insight into different areas, and providing visitors with options to explore new places and put their faith in us while they plan an exciting vacation with ease and comfort.

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